Royal Red Shrimp are quite the unique shrimp indeed.  They have a beautiful deep robust red color, with a soft delicate texture and mildly sweet flavor.  These shrimp are primarily found off the Florida coast in waters approximately 1200 feet deep where they never see the light of day.  This means anywhere from 9 to 68 miles offshore where the temperature is around 40 degrees and about 39% salinity.  Just for comparison – the water salinity off the South Carolina coast is only about 17% salinity and considerably warmer.

These shrimp only require HALF the cooking time and ZERO salt added to them.  In my opinion – microwaving seafood is my least favorite cooking method.  Craig peeled one for me, rinsed it and popped it in the microwave for a few seconds for me.  It tasted buttery and perfectly seasoned – but he didn’t put anything on it – and it was cooked in the microwave!!!