There are approximately 100 species of Snapper and over 60 of them have “Snapper” in the name. They inhabit tropical and subtropical regions of all oceans and can grow to about 3 feet in length. Most snapper feed on crustaceans or other fish, although a few are plankton-feeders. Yellowtail snapper, red snapper and hog snapper are three common varieties that we often see in our fishing waters.

Sea Eagle Market is a family owned and operated wholesale and retail market. Besides providing fresh seafood to the LowCountry, we also do catering. The Reaves family owns 3 shrimp trawlers and 5 oyster boats. With this we produce Wild Caught South Carolina Seafood, Certified SC Product thru the SC Department of Agriculture. After 40 years in the seafood industry, we are also well connected on the Carolina coast. Things that we don’t catch ourselves, we buy from other local docks that support local fishermen. We are harvesters of the ocean’s bounty.