Our White Sturgeon is farm raised in Napa Valley, California and produces some of the most delicious caviar available today.  In the wild, White Sturgeon can grow up to 20 feet long and up to 1500 pounds.  They are found in coastal waters from Alaska to Baja, California and on occasion in rivers when they swim inland to spawn.  They are grey or brownish in color with a pale underbelly.  In addition to its bony armor and cartilage skeleton, it has a notochord, (a primitive precusor to the backbone) which is found in only one other animal – the lamprey.  The White Sturgeon does not have any teeth and has poor eyesight, so it uses it sense of smell to scrutinize its murky underwater environment.  It feeds mostly on smaller fish, small crustaceans, mollusks and insects by using its tubular, stretchy vacuum sweeper type mouth to suck food from the sea bottom.
The reason that we choose farm raised White Sturgeon is because Sterling Caviar is a complete ecological and economically sustainable aquaculture environment that doesn’t use any antibiotics, pesticides, fertilizers or growth-hormones.  For more information on the Sturgeon History from Sterling Caviar please click here.