Swordfish are cold-blooded animals that have special organs next to their eyes to heat their eyes and brains which improves their vision and their ability to catch prey.  Contrary to belief, the “sword” is not used to spear, but is used instead to slash at its prey in order to injure them and make them easier to catch. The color of the flesh varies by diet, with east coast fish having a rosier tint. Some have an orange tint and are sold as “pumpkin swordfish” and command a premium over other colors of the fish.

Pumpkin Swordfish are similar in nature to flamingos.  Flamingos are born white, but their diet consists almost entirely of shrimp – and therefore they turn a brilliant pink color with time.  Pumpkin Sword feed mainly on crustaceans and their flesh turns a beautiful orange(ish) color.  Pumpkin Swordfish is prepared in the same manner as “regular” swordfish – no changes to the recipes are necessary.