Sea Eagle Seafood Market in Beaufort SC

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About Us

Sea Eagle Market is a family owned and operated retail and wholesale market. Together, the Reaves Family owns shrimp trawlers and several skiffs used for oystering, clamming and crabbing, which allow us to provide Wild Caught South Carolina Seafood and Certified SC Seafood through the SC Department of Agriculture, to SC. After 40 years in the seafood industry, we are well connected on the Carolina coast. Things that we don’t catch ourselves, we buy from other local docks supporting local fishermen. We are harvesters of the ocean’s bounty. If anyone were to ask about Sea Eagle Market, the word fresh Seafood is what comes to mind.

Contact Us

  • (843) 521-5090
  • 012-345-6788
  • Sea Eagle Market
  • 2242 Boundary Street
  • Beaufort SC, 29907
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